1st Legion, Provisional Army

of the Confederate States



An Association of Independent Civil War Reenacting Units



Welcome to the official web site of the 1st Legion, Provisional Army of the Confederate States (PACS). The 1st Legion is an American Civil War reenacting organization based in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the country. Elements of the Legion attend most major Civil War Reenactments in the region as well as many national level events. Our goal is to provide the public with an accurate portrayal of the Confederate soldiers and civilians that lived during the tragic period in our history between 1861 and 1865.


Since our formation in the spring of 1998, the Legion has grown into a true legion with four infantry regiments, two artillery battalions and a cavalry battalion. Our total strength last year was just under 1000 members and we look forward to adding more troops in the upcoming seasons. We are a non-profit corporation which donates on a regular basis to historic sites in an effort to assist in preserving our heritage.


We are a family oriented organization which encourages all members to participate in this interesting and exciting return to our past. In addition to reenactments our various companies participate in living history programs and school presentations which allow our civilian members to highlight their knowledge of the period and what day to day life of a civilian in war time might be like.