1st Legion, Provisional Army

of the Confederate States



HQ Pennant.jpg


Legion Staff

Major General Brian Gesuero, Commanding

Colonel Patrick Davis, Chief of Staff

Colonel Tom Alexander, Chief of Artillery

Colonel Doug Nalls, Chief of Cavalry

Lt. Colonel Robert Cooley, Adjutant General

Major Dale Foxwell, Senior Aide

Major Ken Obenland, Chief of Provost and Inspections

Major John Moss, Chief of Couriers

Major Clay Kearney, Chief Engineer

Major John Wagstaff, Aide de Camp

Captain Jason Foxwell, Chief Quartermaster

Captain Bruce Yealy, Chief Surgeon

Captain Buddy Cook, Chief Signal Officer

Captain Robert Fryman, Topographic Engineer

Captain Gary Wright, Provost & Inspections Dept.

Captain James Lemon, Adjutants Department

Lieutenant Rudy Segaar, Provost & Inspections Dept.

Lieutenant Andrew Davis, Adjutants Department

Lieutenant Dwight Door, Engineer’s Department

Sgt. Major Donnie Strum, Legion Sergeant Major

Lieutenant Jay Wagstaff, Courier

Trooper Derek Lanham, Courier

Sergeant James Wagstaff, Headquarters Orderly

Corporal Cole Bigley, Headquarters Orderly

Cadet J. W. Jones, Headquarters Orderly


Reserve Officer Corps

Major General Greg Bair

Colonel Andy Peterson

Colonel David Reitz