1st Legion, Provisional Army

of the Confederate States




1st Legion PACS, Winter Meeting

Fairfax, VA, January 7th, 2017



The meeting was called to order by Col. Patrick Davis, Chief of Staff @ 9:25 am.


The opening continued with the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag followed by the Invocation.


Roll call


1st Regiment (FFR): 2 of 3 companies plus civilians and Regimental Staff represented (no proxies)

2nd Regiment: 8 of 9 companies and Regimental Staff represented (2 by proxy, no civilian)

3rd Regiment: 3 of 3 companies and Regimental Staff represented (1 by proxy)

4th Battalion: 1 of 4 companies and Regimental Staff Represented (no proxies)

1st Artillery Battalion: 4 of 10 Batteries plus civilians and Battalion Staff represented (no proxies)

1st Cavalry Battalion: 1 of 2 companies represented (no proxies)


A quorum was confirmed with 19 of 22 companies present or represented.


In addition to the unit representatives, the members of Legion staff present were:


General Brian Gesuero, PACS Commander

Colonel Patrick Davis, Chief of Staff

Colonel Tom Alexander, Chief of Artillery

Captain Buddy Cook, Chief Signal Officer

Captain Gary Wright, Provost & Inspections Dept.



Insurance / Dues / Membership Forms


There are no changes to the insurance or membership dues for 2017.



Treasurer’s Report


Debbie Jones reported all bills have been paid for the year including the franchise Fee, in spite of having issues with the IRS website. Hard copies of the report were provided with copies available to the membership on the table in the back of the room.


Gen. Gesuero reported the Corporation status in the State of VA has been filed.



2016 Legion Reports


Battalion and Regimental reports were provided by their respective commanders;


FFR – Col. Scott Kelly has assumed command of the FFR after Col. Carver’s retirement. The FFR officially rejoined PACS in 2016, having served with PACS at all of PACS maximum effort events of the year: 155th 1st Manassas, Cedar Creek & Remembrance Day.


2nd Regiment – Col. Bill Long commented on the past year as being a “nice season” with attendance at events still being an issue, especially “Maximum Effort” events. He commended the Regiments participation in the 1st Manassas event, referring to PACS as a “big family”   


3rd Regiment – Capt. Dave Knapp reported the Regiment had a decent year with a couple of new events. The Regiment picked up two new companies, the 1st/6th LA and the 1st MD. He stated the Regiment had voted to not have a commander for the Cedar Creek event. The Board of Directors informed him a commander was required on the field for the Regiment to maintain its status as a Regiment.


4th Battalion – Col. Wilson brings greetings from the Great White North! The Battalion is actively seeking to pick up any “lost sheep” in the Ohio Valley to bring into the fold to strengthen both the Battalion and PACS. Col. Wilson commended PACS for the efforts at the 1st Manassas event in July to take care of the members in the extreme heat of the weekend.


Artillery Battalion – Col. Tom Alexander reported on the ups and downs of the hobby with the loss of two guns. The Artillery Battalion currently has 10 guns with an average of 8 in attendance at events. Col. Alexander also reported the loss of a member, Brian Scott of Carpenter’s Battery.  The Battalion is actively recruiting in North & South Carolina with the potential for 1 to 2 more guns by next year. Col. Alexander also commented on the 1st Manassas event, stating the Battalion did not lose any personnel or guns to the political games of the event. He also stated the Cedar Creek event was great as usual.


Civilian Coordinator – Trish Todd stated 2016 was an interesting year as her first full year as the Civilian Coordinator. She is requesting information for working with the civilians of the Legion. There has been some interest shown for a ladies tea to be held at the Cedar Creek event in October. Any ladies or civilians interested in joining the tea and working on putting it together, please speak up. Gen. Gesuero commented the tea event could have something to offer all members.



Commanders Report – State of the Legion – General Gesuero


PACS attended two battlefield events and the Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade in 2016.


The 155th Anniversary Battle of 1st Manassas – This was a good event in spite of the conditions caused by the heat and humidity of July in the Valley. PACS fought and participated in each of the scenarios prepared for the event, without any troops having to be evacuated to medical facilities. In an effort to increase the preparedness and experience of our Battalion commanders, field command of the Legion was rotated between Battalion commanders during the weekend, with a different commander for each day.


The 152nd Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek – Great event as usual with comments of “Great” and “Awesome” coming from the floor.


Remembrance Day Parade – All Regiments/Battalions were represented at the parade. We did have a delayed start that came close to having us out too long. It was good to see so many PACS troops in attendance.



Old Business


Welcome back to the Fighting First Regiment (FFR) as a part of the PACS team.



New Business


Edenton Bell requested recruiting info describing the Legion in some form to pass out to interested groups. A poster or brochure with a bio of the Legion and contact info was proposed. The General will look into this.


Alternative locations are being looked at and researched for the 2018 annual meeting. Several issues have been cropping up with the current location, including increased expense of the rooms. Per the Board of Directors, new sites will be looked at.


Gary Wright announced a fund raiser for the Richmond Howitzers. They will be raffling an Uberti 1851 Navy Colt cased set. Tickets are available today.





A proposal was made to make a $250 donation to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation. Col. Dave Knapp motioned to confirm the proposal. Lt. Rudy Segaar seconded the motion. With no further discussion, the motion passed without objections.



Possible Events for 2017


April 7-9:    Union Mills Basic Training

                   Twin Bridges


May 6-7:     Carroll County Farm, Steve Carney 


April 28-30: Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, Pennsylvania


June 2-4:    Fort Pocohantas

                   On to Richmond

Battle of Corbit’s Charge, Westminster, Maryland


June 17th:   Fairfax County 275th Anniversary, Military Through the Ages


June 30-July 3: 154th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg

                          Union Mills – Steve Carney


September 8-10: Zoar, Ohio, Antietam Themed – PACS command


October 13-15: 153rd Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek – Longtreet’s Command


November 18th: Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg, PA


At 10:42 am the meeting adjourned for Regimental meetings. Motion by Col. Knapp, Seconded by Col. Long


At 11:20 am the meeting was called to order by Colonel Davis.





Maximum Effort Events voted on and approved for 2017:


On to Richmond, Endview Plantation

153rd Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek

Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade



Election of Legion Commander


Col. Dave Knapp nominated General Brian Gesuero to continue as the Legion commander. Alan Colvin seconded the nomination. Gen. Gesuero accepted the nomination. No other nominations were offered for the position. The nominations closed and with a vote in the affirmative by the membership, Gen. Gesuero has been elected to serve as commander for another two year term.



Legion of Honor


There were no nominations for the LOH this year. A question was raised from the floor asking of a nomination can be made from the floor. A letter to the Board of Directors is required for a nomination, therefore the answer was, no.


2018 Annual Meeting


The date of the 2018 Annual Winter Meeting will be January, 5th & 6th. Location to be determined



Acceptance of Minutes & Treasurer’s Report


The 2016 minutes and treasurer’s report were accepted



50/50 & Door Prizes


Rick Morris was the winner of $103 from the 50/50 drawing.



Members in Memoriam


Mrs. Paul Rankin, 17th VA, Co. B

Sgt. Brian Scott, Carpenter’s Battery

George miller, 4th Texas, Co. B


The Benediction was given and the meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.