1st Legion, Provisional Army

of the Confederate States



1st Legion PACS, Winter Meeting

Fairfax, VA, January 9th, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Col. Patrick Davis, Chief of Staff @ 9:20 am.


The opening continued with the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag.


Roll call


2nd Regiment: 10 of 12 companies plus civilians and Regimental Staff represented

3rd Regiment: 3 of 4 companies and Regimental Staff represented

4th Battalion:4 of 5 companies plus civilians and Battalion Staff Represented

1st Artillery Battalion: 9 of 12 Batteries plus civilians and Battalion Staff represented

1st Cavalry Battalion: 2 of 3 companies represented


A quorum was confirmed.


In addition to the unit representatives, the members of Legion staff present were:


General Brian Gesuero, PACS Commander

Colonel Tom Alexander, Chief of Artillery

Colonel Doug Nalls, Chief of Cavalry

Major Logan Metesh, Cavalry Adjutant

Lt. Colonel Robert Cooley, Adjutant General

Captain Jason Foxwell, Chief Quatermaster

Captain Buddy Cook, Chief Signal Officer

Captain Gary Wright, Provost & Inspections Dept.


Battalion & Regimental Reports


Battalion and Regimental reports were provided by their respective commanders;


FFR – Col. Carver was unable to attend the meeting. Catherine Kelly provided the report in his absence. In addition to other comments, the one that stood out was the regiment had fun at the Appomattox event in spite of all the mud!


2nd Regiment – Col. Bill Long commented on the issue of attendance at events, especially “Maximum Effort” events. The Regiment’s attendance is down at all events. Maximum effort should be just that, however it does not seem to make any difference.


3rd Regiment – Maj. Flickinger reported the regiment is actively engaged in recruiting and looking forward to the potential growth in the coming year.


4th Battalion – Col. Wilson brings greetings from Ohio, land of the #1 team in college football. Col. Wilson stated members of 4th Battalion are all “card carrying” members of PACS and have worked with two or three other groups as well. Most notably, King’s Division of the Texas area and Dick Watters and the Southern Division.  The 4th Battalion draws the majority of their members from the western PA, Ohio and Indiana area along with a few from Michigan. The Battalion is looking forward to sharing the field and campfire with PACS this year.


Artillery Battalion – Col. Tom Alexander reported the weather sucked last year for all events. In spite of the weather though, the battalion had a good time. Gettysburg was fun. Several new people were met there. Cedar Creek was good. The overall result is three new groups are pursuing possibilities of joining PACS.


Cavalry -- Col. Doug Nalls reported the Cavalry had an off year with little activity. He thanked Gen. Gesuero for keeping him out of trouble and thanked PACS for sticking up for the Cavalry, especially with event host that are not horse savvy. He hopes we can keep together and get more out of event sponsors.



Commanders Report – State of the Legion – General Gesuero


PACS attended four battlefield events and the Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade in 2015.


The 150th Anniversary Battle of Bentonville


The 150th Anniversary Battle of Appomattox – a.k.a. “Appomudox


The 151st Anniversary of New Market – PACS will not be going back to New Market as an organization. We will not support an event that will not support the troops.


Zoar Ohio - This was a very good event and a good opportunity to support some of the people who have been very supportive of us in the past. It was also a time to meet a lot of new friends like Bob Minton. I am looking forward to being able to return when it is held again in 2017.


The 151st Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek – Always a popular event with the troops. The 2015 event was probably one of the coldest Cedar Creeks we have attended. It still turned out to be a good event. We continue to strive to make events better for the men in the ranks. We took a new approach to the scenario this time and it was a success. We know how to maneuver and position troops on the field. You made it look good. We also discovered the Western Federal troops are just as slow to move as the Eastern Federals.


We still need troops to show up at maximum effort events. Our attendance has been down at all events throughout the year. Let’s see if we can improve on that for 2016 and have a fun and safe year.


Treasurer’s Report


Debbie Jones provided hard copies of the report. Copies were available to the membership on the table in the back of the room.


Corporation Status / Annual Income Tax Filing


The Legion/Corporation Report was provided by Debbie Jones;

The Corporation has been renewed for 2016 with the State of VA.

All required income tax filings were completed in May 2015.


Insurance / Dues / Membership Forms


There are no changes to the insurance or membership dues for 2016.


Bylaws Committee


Bylaws: No changes have been submitted.




A recommendation came from the Board of Directors to make a $250 donation to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation. The motion was seconded and passed with no opposition.


Old Business


4th Battalion is now a full membership battalion of PACS.


New Business


New PACS membership cards are being created for the 2016 season. They will be good for one year and will need to be reissued each year with a paid membership.


Trish Todd has been appointed as the Civilian Coordinator for PACS.


We are a family friendly organization.


Flag Issue – Our stand on the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) at events:


No flag, no event, no exception! It was voted on, and passed unanimously at the Board of Directors meeting, any event representing a period when the CBF existed, that will not allow the flag to be flown, will not have our support of the event.


Possible Events for 2016


March 1st weekend, Reenactor Appreciation Weekend, Gettysburg, PA


March 5-6, Battle for Newberg


April 3rd, Cavalry Event


April 8-10, Civil War on the Shore, Whaleyville, MD


April 22-24, Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, Pennsylvania


May 21-14, Fort Pocahontas, VA


June 4-5, Pennypacker Mills, Swanksville, PA


June 10-12:  Thunder in the Valley, Campaigner event

                     Old Bedford Village, Bedford, PA (not a campaigner event)


June 24-26:  Battle of Corbit’s Charge, Westminster, Maryland

                     Road to Manassas, Near Cedar Point, Ohio


July 21-24, 155th Anniversary Battle of 1st Manassas, Cedar Creek battlefield,          

                   Middletown, VA.


August 12-14:  POW Weekend at Ft. Delaware

     Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

     Renfrew Museum


September 17-18, Cold Spring Village, NJ


October 8-9, Western troop event at Perryville, KY


October 14-16, 152st Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek – PACS Command


November 19th, Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg, PA


At 10:35 the meeting adjourned for Regimental meetings.


At 11:25 the meeting was called to order by Colonel Davis.




Maximum Effort Events voted on and approved for 2016:


155th Anniversary Battle of 1st Manassas, PACS command


152nd Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek, PACS command


Special emphasis was mentioned for the Remembrance Day Parade


Legion of Honor


There were no nominations for the LOH this year.


2016 Annual Meeting


General Gesuero submitted the recommendation from the Board of Directors to hold next year’s annual winter meeting once again at the same place, the Fairlakes Hyatt in Fairfax, VA. There being no objections, the recommendation was approved. The date of the 2016 Annual Winter Meeting will be January, 6th & 7th.


Closing Remarks


General Gesuero spoke to the issue of declining enrollments and asked everyone to work on building membership in the Legion. Utilize social media and any other means available for membership drives.


50/50 & Door Prizes


Capt. Buddy Cook won $90 in the 50/50 raffle this year. He donated the money back to the Legion.