1st Legion, Provisional Army

of the Confederate States



PACS Information


Corporation Structure: The 1st Legion is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It operates with a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are the elected leaders of all regimental size organizations belonging to the Legion. At present we have four infantry regiments, one cavalry battalion and two artillery battalions. The Directors each have a vote at board meetings with the President being the deciding vote should a tie occur.

Annual Meeting: The 1st Legion PACS holds an Annual Meeting at the beginning of each year to decide and vote on Legion business and pick events for the new year. All Legion members are encouraged and invited to attend the annual meeting. Each company level organization has the right to vote on various agenda items during the business section of the meeting.

Legion Structure: The 1st Legion contains all three arms of the army and various supporting units such as signal detachments and field hospital units. At events the various elements of the Legion camp with their own branch of service, i.e. cavalry, artillery and infantry. This allows the various units to fall in and fight with their own branch but still under the leadership of senior Legion officers. We have found this works well and the troops enjoy it because they have a senior officer watching out for their interests.

Legion Staff: The 1st Legion Staff consists of a Legion Commander, Chief of Staff and the rest of the support staff needed to run the Legion or an event if we are asked to do so. The staff is a working staff, with all members engaged in making sure the troops have a good event. The Legion commander fills the role of General and President in the corporation.

Events: Every year the Legion selects between three and five events as maximum participation events. We usually try to find an event in spring, summer and fall and then fill in with others that look like they meet our needs. In addition to the maximum events the various battalions usually add a few additional events to their schedule. If the General sees that we are going to have a large turnout at an event not on the Legion list he will make every effort to attend or at a minimum, have some of the staff on hand to support the troops.

Insurance Coverage: The 1st Legion provides insurance for its membership as part of their membership. We currently carry Liability and Director and Officers Insurance.

Membership: Membership is broken down into several levels. Individuals belong to companies, companies belong to regiments, battalions, or squadrons and the Legion is made up of those larger level organizations. An individual or company looking to join the Legion is referred to a company or regiment in their area. If the organization looking to join is a regimental size unit then they will be brought in as their own regiment, battalion, or squadron. A one year probationary period is required when joining the legion. Dues are normally turned in to the regimental commander by 2/15 and to Legion by 3/1 so there are funds in the treasury for insurance renewal. New personnel can be added through the year by sending their dues to Legion.

Camp Requirements: The 1st Legion is a family friendly organization which establishes a fixed camp with correct tentage. Our families camp with us in the field. We do ask that all family members living in the camps follow the same dress requirements as the soldiers. They must be dressed out at a particular time and remain in period attire until the event is over.

Fund Raising: As a 501c3 corporation we raise funds during the year which is donated to various Civil War Sites at the end of the season. This is accomplished by various means etc.

Current Strength: The 1st Legion currently has just under 1000 paid members. In addition we field about 10 guns and 20-30 horse.